Thermo Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #186)

Thermometer Sudoku which is in short famously known as Thermo Sudoku is very interesting Sudoku variation. Currently there are not many Thermo Sudoku puzzles on this blog but soon I am going to post few good Thermo Sudoku puzzle here. Starting Thermo Sudoku series with very interesting Sudoku. It has very interesting solving path. This Thermo Sudoku is Hard level. However experienced players should try to solve this Thermo Sudoku within 5 minutes. 
There are few more Thermo Sudoku puzzles which I have created on paper. Soon I will be creating images for these puzzles and will publish these puzzles on this blog. As always looking forward for your feedback my puzzles, so that I can improve for my future creations. 
This Thermo Sudoku, I am posting in The League of Extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen as 186th Sudoku in this series.

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Aashay Patil said...

7:50, nice construction