Maths Picture Puzzles with Answers

Most of the Mathematical Puzzles published on this website are represented as Picture Puzzle Images. These Maths Puzzles can be used as worksheets in schools. These Maths Puzzles are in Printable format where each individual picture puzzle image can be downloaded and printed for solving. Anyway here are more Maths Picture Puzzles to challenge your mind.
In each of these Maths Picture Puzzles, there are four groups of numbers. Each group is having five numbers. These five numbers in each group are related to each other by a Mathematical pattern. One number is missing in one of the groups. Your challenge is to find this mathematical pattern in each Maths Picture Puzzle and find the missing number which will replace the question mark.

Answers to these Maths Picture Puzzles are given at the end.

Maths Brain Teaser
1. Can you find the missing number?

Maths Brain Teasers Worksheet
2. Can you solve it for the missing number?

Maths Picture Puzzle Question
3. Which Number will replace the question mark?

Maths Puzzle Brain Teaser
4. Solve this Maths Brain Teaser and find the missing number?

Printable Maths Puzzle Picture image
5. What will come at the question mark?

You can have fun solving with more Maths Puzzles as mentioned below
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Answers to these Maths Picture Puzzles are given below

2) 5

3) 5

4) 18

5) 4

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