Maths Logic Question and Answer

It is Maths Logic Question which will test your Mathematical skills as well as your Logical Reasoning. In this Maths Logic Question, you are given some Mathematical equations. You have to find the logical patterns for these number equations which will make these equations correct logically. Once you are able to crack this logical pattern, then find the value of the missing number. So are you ready to solve this Maths Logic Question?
If 1111=5, 2222=24, 3333=93, 4444=272 then 5555=?
Can you solve this Maths Logic Question?

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Unknown said...

the answer must be 645
multiply the numbers out and add the sum of the digits*

Rajesh Kumar said...

Your answer to this maths logic question is right. You can check the answer and explanation in the post by clicking on the "View Answer" button.