Saturday, February 24, 2018

Diagonal Sudoku Puzzles (Mini Sudoku Series #107, #108)

Diagonal Sudoku Puzzle is one of the Standard Sudoku type. Once one is able to master Classic Sudoku Puzzle, then Diagonal Sudoku Puzzle is the Sudoku type is next one which is learned by new comers. I have created many 9x9 Diagonal Sudoku puzzles but there were very few 6x6 Diagonal Sudoku puzzle created and published on Fun With Puzzles website. I have created few mini 6x6 Diagonal Sudoku puzzles which I will be publishing soon on this website. Starting with these two mini Diagonal Sudoku puzzles which I am publishing as part of Mini Sudoku Series as 107th and 108th Sudoku Puzzles in this Series.

Rules of Diagonal Sudoku Puzzle

Standard Sudoku Rules apply. Additionally adjacent cells containing consecutive numbers are marked. Adjacent cells with no marking must not contain consecutive numbers.

Diagonal Sudoku Puzzle (Mini Sudoku Series #107)
Diagonal Sudoku Puzzle (Mini Sudoku Series #107)
Answer of these Diagonal Sudoku puzzles can be viewed by clicking on buttons. Please do give your best try to solve these Sudoku puzzles before looking at the answer.
Diagonal Sudoku Puzzle (Mini Sudoku Series #108)

These two Diagonal Sudoku Puzzles, I am publishing as #107th and 108th Sudoku puzzles in Mini Sudoku Series. Here are the next are previous Sudoku puzzles published in this series.

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