Friday, February 16, 2018

Frame Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku Series #268)

Frame Sudoku Puzzle is very interesting Sudoku type which will require Mathematical operations of addition along with logical reasoning to solve these puzzles. Frame Sudoku is also known with names like Outside Sums Sudoku or simple Sums Sudoku. This Frame Sudoku Puzzle, I prepared for Asian Sudoku Championship 2018. Now Asian Sudoku Championship is over and I am publishing this Frame Sudoku puzzle as part of Fun With Sudoku Series as 268th Sudoku Puzzle in this Series.

Rules of Frame Sudoku Puzzle

Standard Sudoku Rules apply. Additionally numbers outside the grid equal the sum of the digits appearing in the cells in the first box (till the next bold line) seen from that edge of the grid.
Frame Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku Series #268)
Frame Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku Series #268)

This Frame Sudoku Puzzle, I am publishing as #268th Sudoku puzzle in Fun With Sudoku Series. Here are the next are previous Sudoku puzzles published in this series.

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