What Comes Next in the Series Puzzle with Answer

This is a Fun Mathematical Series Puzzle for School going Teens. In this Series Puzzle, you are given a few numbers in a Mathematical or Logical Series of Numbers. You have to break the hidden pattern in this series and find the value of the missing number which will come next in the series. Can you solve this Maths Series Puzzle?
It is the Number Series Puzzle in which one has to find the value of the next number in series 2 5 12 27 58 ?
Can you find what comes next in this series?

The answer to this "What Comes Next in the Series Puzzle", can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


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Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr. said...

"What comes next" in that series can also be 117, if you calculate each item of the series using this polynomial:
for n = 0 to 5...,
(n^4 - 2n^3 + 11n^2 + 8n + 12 ) / 6.

Thanks for the puzzle! --Dr. Grover Proctor