Think Outside the Box Question with Answer

This is the matchstick number puzzle which will make you think outside the box. In this lateral thinking puzzle, find the biggest number possible. You have to move exactly two matchsticks to make this biggest number. This types of puzzle questions are generally asked in interviews. Answer to this matchstick puzzle question is open-ended. It means that you need to come up with your solution. Try to solve this number puzzle again to get a better answer.   Post your answer in the comments.
In this matchstick puzzle question, your challenge is to move exactly two matchstick and make the biggest possible number.
Can you solve this matchstick lateral thinking puzzle?

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A five-digit number can be created from the given equation. One can remove the top and lower horizontal matchsticks in digit '0' to create two 1s and removed matchsticks can create another extra digit. Think about it.

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