Intelligence Test Question with Solution

This is a logical reasoning question which will test your intelligence. In this Intelligence test question, you are shown some equations using the Planet names in our solar system. Try to decode the hidden logical reasoning in these logical equations. Once you are able to crack the logical code, find the missing number which will replace the question mark. Let's see if you can pass this intelligence test and solve this logical reasoning question!
If Mercury = 717, Venus = 5210, Earth = 5315, Mars=4416, Saturn=6636 Then Jupiter=?
Can you solve this Intelligence Test Question?
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Samira Gupta said...

Nice. I love puzzles. I am glad I could solve it, 😊

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks for writing your comment. Nice to know that you love puzzles. There are thousands of puzzles on this website. Solve these puzzles and post your comments.

Unknown said...

My tr says that the first digit is 4
U r not right