Logic Puzzle That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

This is a logic puzzle, that will blow your mind. This is a tough logical reasoning puzzle in which you are shown 4 squares. Each square contains the 5 numbers. There is a hidden logical pattern that binds the numbers inside the squares. Your challenge in this maths logic puzzle is to crack the logical reasoning hidden in this puzzle. Once you are able to decipher the logical sequence, find the value of the missing number which will replace the question mark in the last Square.
This a tough logical reasoning puzzle. "Mani Malapati" and "Gianfranco" are the first few persons to solve this puzzle correctly. Read the comments to know more about the discussion on this puzzle. If you were able to solve this puzzle without looking at the answer, please write down your answer to this puzzle along with the logical reasoning used to solve this puzzle. 
Can you find the missing number in this Logic Puzzle?
Can you find the missing number?

The answer to this "Logic Puzzle", can be viewed by clicking on the answer button.


Unknown said...

Mani malapati 9

Rajesh Kumar said...

Please also write down your logical reasoning used to solve this puzzle.

Gianfranco said...

the square root of the sum of the diagonals gives the middle number

Rajesh Kumar said...

Great Gianfranco, Yes, you correctly solved this tough logic puzzle.
As you are the first person to solve this puzzle correctly, I have acknowledged you in this post.