Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eye and Mind Twisters Pictures of Unending Paterns

Today is International Yoga day. Yoga is very good for not only physical but mental mind also. If one can combine doing Yoga with Meditation then definitely its path to healthy and happier life. Anyway to celebrate I am posting some of the Eye and Mind Twisting Images which will help you to do brain Yoga. 
Some more Eye and Mind Twisters Pictures, I will be posting soon in different posts.

First picture is very interesting Mind Twisters. It is not only the eye twister but is an Optical Illusion also. Keep looking at this picture and your mind will see different patterns being executed in this picture even though moving pattern in this picture also remains same.
Brain and Eye Twisting Picture
1. Brain and Eye Twisting Picture

Next image is brain twister image in the true sense. Try concentrating on the center of the circle and you will feel your mind getting twists and turns. Keep looking at the center of this image to improve communication between left and right brain and thus increasing memory and concentration. 

Eye and Brain Twisting Image of Concentric Circles
2. Eye and Brain Twisting Image of Concentric Circles 

In the next image, many balls are arranged together to form a cube. These balls are half painted black and half white. Now the balls are being rotated on its vertical axis to give the moving pattern to the whole cube. A wonderful Mind Twisting Image indeed :)

Mind Twister Image of Balls in Cube
3. Mind Twister Image of Balls in Cube

Next Brain and Eye Twisting Picture is of a building which is getting zoomed it. However to the surprise of your eyes and brain this a never ending building. A very interesting Eye Twisting Image.

Eye and Mind Twisting Picture of Never Ending Building
4. Eye and Mind Twisting Picture of Never Ending Building
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