Friday, January 23, 2015

Diagonal Sudoku or Sudoku X

Diagonal Sudoku is also known as Sudoku X. It is because two main diagonal should also contain the unique numbers and if these diagonals are marked, these form X shape. 
Anyway as Diagonal Sudoku is quite standard name for this Sudoku, I will call it Diagonal Sudoku instead of Sudoku X. 
This is my second Diagonal Sudoku in Mini Sudoku Series. Previous Diagonal Sudoku is posted with title Diagonal Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #17).
I am  as posting this Sudoku as 22nd Sudoku in Mini Sudoku Series.

Diagonal Sudoku or Sudoku X (Mini Sudoku Series #22)
Diagonal Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #22)

Previous Mini Sudoku Series puzzle: Product Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #21)

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