Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Group Sum Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #22)

Group Sum Sudoku is very interesting Mathematically Sudoku variation. Even though this Sudoku is not appearing in Sudoku Mahabharat Math Variations Episode 5, but I thought that let me create this Math Variation just for fun. This Sudoku variations is one of most feared Sudoku type and it uses the knowledge of sum of numbers in 3x3 box as 45 in case of 9x9 Sudoku and sum of numbers in 2x3 box as 21 in case of 6x6 Sudoku. 
Current puzzle is very interesting puzzle and this is my second Group Sum Sudoku puzzle. My earlier puzzle is posted under title Group Sum Sudoku (Daily Sudoku League #44).
I am posting this Group Sum Sudoku as 22nd Sudoku in Mini Sudoku Series.
Rules of Group Sum Sudoku
Mini Classic Sudoku Rules apply. Additionally the number in each circle indicates the sum of the digits in the cells covered by the corresponding circle.
Group Sum Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #22)
Group Sum Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #22)

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