Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Logic Masters India Sudoku May 2012 Test named Sudoku 8X8

Logic Masters India Sudoku May 2012 Test named Sudoku 8X8
Logic Masters India presents another Sudoku test which is named as Sudoku 8x8. This Sudoku 8x8 test consists of two independent parts, which may be solved anytime during the weekend. Sudoku Variants coming in this Sudoku competition is given at the end.

About the Sudoku 8x8 test

All Sudoku Puzzles in this test are of size 8X8. There will be two rounds, each of length 8X8 minutes.

Sudoku 8x8 Test Authors


List of Sudoku Puzzles for Sudoku 8x8 Test

Sudoku 8x8 Test Part A

A1, A2 Classic Sudoku both 14 points
A3 Diagonal Sudoku 39 points
A4 Cube Sudoku 7 points
A5 Nonconsecutive Sudoku 26 points
A6 Killer Sudoku 27 points
A7 Greater than Sudoku 41 points
A9 Quadruple Sudoku 22 points
A10 Pencil marks Sudoku 59 points
A11-14 Foursome Sudoku 32 points

Sudoku 8x8 Test Part B

B1, B2 Classic Sudoku 33 points and 11 points
B3 Antidiagonal Sudoku 49 points
B4 Irregular cube Sudoku 26 points
B5 Irregular Sudoku 24 points
B7 Untouchable Sudoku 16 points
B8 X sums Sudoku 35 points
B9 Even Sudoku 42 points
B10 Even prime numeral 30 points
B11 Toroidal Sudoku 15 points
B13 Skyscrapers Sudoku 29 points

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