Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Squirrel Picture Puzzle Game

Squirrel Picture Puzzle Game
The friendly squirrel in this Squirrel Puzzle wants to share his nut with you, but he has to be put back together if he is going to send one your way. Rotate the pieces and place them according to the squirrel puzzle, and he will throw you a nut when you are done.
Squirrel Puzzle Instructions
Using your mouse and cursor, click and drag to separate the pieces. Click on a piece and drag it to put it in place next to other pieces. Clicking on the arrowed circle and moving mouse in each piece will allow you to rotate it. When a piece is about to be joined to another correctly it will light up. Let go of the cursor to place it. Continue joining pieces until the squirrel is complete. When you are finished, he will toss you a nut.

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