World Sudoku and Puzzle Championship 2017 Experience

Namaste everyone, this is Anubhav Balodhi from Uttarakhand and I would like to share my experience in volunteering for the World Sudoku and Puzzle Championship, 15th to 22nd October 2017 at Bangalore, India. The memories are as fresh as if the event was on last weekend :D

En route to the airport, Sunday 15th October.

I had planned to go on my bicycle but since I was down with cold, I decided to take a cab to the airport. I reached the hotel, had a quick breakfast and called another cab to the main location i.e. Clarks Exotica. Whilst I was waiting, it started to rain -- thanks to Bengaluru's unpredictable weather ;) 

When I entered, a workshop was being hosted by 3-time WSC champion and famous puzzle creator, Thomas Snyder. He was insightful and made the history of Sudoku crystal clear. After this, I went to meet the fellow puzzlers from LMI. I met with Prasanna and Rajesh Ji :D

Then, we had another session from Dr Gareth Moore who spent quite a good deal on publishing puzzles and how herculean a task it can prove to be.
Meanwhile, a contest for audiences was held in between these workshops which were realll...llly amazing. Solving sudoku after an awesome session from Thomas Snyder is a challenge of a different level!

Day 1, 16th October
After welcoming the guests the previous night we(the volunteers), we're told our tasks and we were more than happy for the same. This day was meant the commencement of the World Sudoku Championship. People from different part of the world had come to represent their country. It was quite fun to meet such a diverse group of people under the same roof.

Day 2, 17th October
PvP sudoku, what fun!! This was the first time Person versus Person was introduced into the WSC and it was a delight. Tantan Dai, a17-year-old Chinese girl won it, even beating the former World Champion in a close match and proved that
"No matter what you think you are good at, there is an
Asian kid out there who's better than you!"

The finals went well and it didn't take much time for us (the testers) to complete the checking. Meanwhile, the GrandPrix event was going on...

Day 3, 18th October
It was Choti-Diwali and was booked for sightseeing for our guests. Also, It was my brother's birthday who had come to meet me up. I went to receive him later that night and made sure he liked the city...

Then later during the day, I went to the airport again to pick up some foreign guests. I had a great time with those as it was their first time in India. I met two Russian guys, 
one lady from Australia and another puzzler from Britain  :)

What a fun-tour to the airport that proved to be. 

Day 4, 19th October, 
the Diwali day. 

We, the people of India, wanted this day to be special for foreigners as some were experiencing India for the first time. There were diyas, lanterns and firecrackers and everyone enjoyed 😉

Also, the day marked the beginning of World Puzzle Championship 2018.

We made sure our friends saw our celebrations of Deepawali. :D

Day 5, 20th October
We checked papers till 6 in the morning and then went to sleep. It turned out to be quite an eventful day as it was one of the best days of my life, and also the worst night because of the stomach pain I had to go through. Rajesh ji helped me with the medicine. It went smoothly after that...

But again, everything that has a beginning, has an end.

Day 6, 21st October

The penultimate day of Puzzles, the all-nighters to check the solution booklets... 
We needed to complete that, no matter what!! Again we woke up till 4 AM and tried to check as many as we could...

And finally, it was done!!

Day 7, 22nd October 

The last day of gala!! What a dinner party it was... I was tired yet smiling with the final presentation of the whole WSPC...
After it completed, we bid adieu to each other and headed back to our homes with a sweet smile and great memories...

And, boy-oh-boy, what a delight it was to experience...

met Will Shortz and made a friend from Vietnam :D

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Chaithra Sharma said...

Wow! Kudos to you for volunteering (this is a little too late,but still :P ). Was lovely to read the ongoings of the event.