Maths Logic Puzzle to Make You Think Outside the Box

This is a Maths Logic Puzzle to Make You Think Outside the Box. It is an easy math logical question where your challenge is finding the values of the missing numbers which will replace the question marks. In this math logic fun puzzle, you are given the number equation. Your challenge is to find the logical pattern used in these number equation and then solve the last two equations. Can you solve this math logic puzzle?
IF 2-1=3, 3-4=7, 4-9=13 and 5-16=21 THEN 6-25 = ? and 3-81 = ?
Can you find the missing numbers?
One of the simple solutions to this math logic puzzle is to add the numbers given on the left side of the equation to get the number on the right side of the equation. This gives us 31 and 84 as answers. However, try to think outside the box to get another set of answers which satisfy the given number equations with some hidden logical pattern. 
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