Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hybrids : LMI Puzzle Test on 12/13 March

About the author

Bram started logic puzzles about 10 years ago and has won one Dutch Puzzle Championship and one Dutch Sudoku championship since then and has participated in 5 world championships.
Since 4 years Bram has also been designing puzzles, which can be mostly found on and in Breinbrekers.
Puzzle Booklet

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Puzzle Types

Slitherlink + Seethrough
Worms + Jigsaw Sudoku
Skyscrapers + Outside Sudoku
Star Battle + Battleship
Myopia + Penta
Xtra Puzzles
Dice + ABC
There will be 1 puzzle each from each common type and 2 puzzles (one easy and one hard) from each of the Hybrids.

You may start "Hybrids" any time during the 48-hour period during the weekend of 12/13 March.
Your timer will start when you click "Start Hybrids" — then you will have 120 minutes to solve and submit your answers.
A timer will be shown the answer page with the remaining time.
Submission is not allowed after the specified end time — you must start early enough to permit yourself enough solving time.

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Fun With Puzzles Index Page

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