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Classic Puzzles: Interconnection

Author            :  ALBERTO FABRIS 
Pre-Testing      : NIKOLA ZIVANOVIC 
Date                : 17th – 18th September 2011 
Duration          :  90 minutes (no additional time) 
Website            :
Warning    : PDF has password protection; the password will be  displayed when you start the competition, clicking on the link. When you click on the link, time starts and cannot be stopped!

General instructions: In every puzzle some digits have been replaced by letters (from A to J, corresponding to digits from 0 to 9); same letters correspond to same digits and vice versa, also in different puzzles. Some puzzles can be solved immediately (and the letters will be clues), for other you must know the value of some letters. It’s part of the competition to discover which puzzles should be solved first. The list of given letters for every puzzle is shown in the table above

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