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Argio Logic: Sudoku Variants Contest April 2012

Sudoku Variants contest will be held from 
Thu, Apr 19, 2012
Mon, Apr 23, 2012

Sudoku Variants Contest Puzzle Instructions

Classic Mini Sudoku             points 1
Jigsaw Mini Sudoku              points 3
Tris Sudoku                          points 7
Kurve Sudoku                      points 10
Classic Sudoku                     points 11
2even 2odd Sudoku              points 11
Non Consecutive Sudoku      points 12
X X V Sudoku                      points 12
Queen Sudoku                      points 13
Quadro Sudoku                    points 16
Monopoly Sudoku                points 17
SlotMachine Sudoku             points 18
Rossini Sudoku                     points 18
Cubic Sudoku                       points 19
Quad Max Sudoku               points 19
Skyscraper Sudoku              points 19
Jigsaw Sudoku                     points 19
Memory Sudoku                  points 20
Killer Sudoku                       points 26
Clock Faces Sudoku            points 29
TOTAL                                points 300

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