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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Logical Games (Chrome App)

To check out the chrome Apps  For Logical Games click on the link below:

Have A  look at the images of chess games on you Tube:

Click on the image below to visit Online Logical Games Chrome Apps:

Here are the instructions for the Gadgets:

Animation Picture Puzzle:

Can you rebuild the animated picture? Your goal in this game is to rearrange the tiles according to the animation. When the game opens, the animated image will be divided into 16 pieces, and you need to observe the movements of the objects on the tiles, then click and drag them to the frame on the right of the screen. The time you have spent will be recorded at the top left corner. Complete the puzzle as quickly as possible!

Classic Minesweeper:

Minesweeper is a single-player video game. The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. The game has been written for many system platforms in use today.

Minesweeper Game Overview

The player is initially presented with a grid of undifferentiated squares. Some randomly selected squares, unknown to the player, are designated to contain mines. Typically, the size of the grid and the number of mines are set in advance by the user, either by entering the numbers or selecting from defined skill levels depending on the implementation. The grid size is often user-selectable, as a way to adjust the difficulty level.
The game is played by revealing squares of the grid, typically by clicking them with a mouse. If a square containing a mine is revealed, the player loses the game. Otherwise, a digit is revealed in the square, indicating the number of adjacent squares (typically, out of the possible eight) that contain mines. In typical implementations, if this number is zero then the square appears blank, and the surrounding squares are automatically also revealed. By using logic, the player can in many instances use this information to deduce that certain other squares are mine-free, in which case they may be safely revealed, or mine-filled, in which they can be marked as such (which, in typical implementations, is effected by right-clicking the square and indicated by a flag graphic).
In some implementations, a question mark may be placed in an unrevealed square as a marker. This has no meaning in the rules of the game, but can serve as an aid to logical deduction. Another convenience feature present in some implementations is an interface to quickly clear around a revealed square once the correct number of mines have been flagged around it. The game is won when all mine-free squares are revealed, meaning that all mines have been located.
Play the classic minesweeper puzzle game. Pick the plots where there are no mines to win. Please wait for the game to load. 

Invisible Cursor:

Invisible Cursor is very good logical game which tests your memory as well as your mouse controlling skills. You will be shown initial position where you need to bring your mouse cursor. the moment you bring it to the starting point, the cursor become invisible can now you have to move it till Exit door. In between there will be some circles given which will make your cursor visible for some time. Do enjoy this game.


Kaleidoscope Series 1 Description
Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in a variety of formations.

Kaleidoscope Series 1 Instruction
Player is presented with a series of colorful shapes that have to be shifted, rotated and swapped until all adjoining sides match. There are four series of shapes including squares, circles, triangles and hexagons each with 6 levels.

Peg Solitaire:

Peg Solitaire Description
Clear the board by jumping pegs over other pegs. The object is to leave the last peg in the darker cell. Aim should be to clear the board in minimum move. One can also see how computer do it in minimum moves. Different level of this game are there to selected from.

Peg Solitaire Instruction
    Click on a peg to move it.
    Each peg need to jump over another adjacent peg to move.
    Clear the board  such that only 1 peg remains at the end.

Slider Puzzle:

A sliding puzzle, sliding block puzzle, or sliding tile puzzle challenges a player to slide usually flat pieces along certain routes (usually on a board) to establish a certain end-configuration. The goal is to first scramble the board, then move the blocks to recreate the Home State of the puzzle. Once the puzzle is scrambled, click on a block with the mouse to move it into the vacant square.

Sliding Blocks:

Sliding Block Puzzle Description
This sliding block puzzle is an engaging twist on the classic sliding block game. Instead of sliding blocks around to form a picture, your goal with this sliding block puzzle is to get the red block out of the maze. It is not as easy as it sounds!

Sliding Block Puzzle Instruction
Click on one of the white buttons with cursor to choose your puzzle.
Click, hold, and drag the colored blocks to move them into the empty spaces in the frame one at a time.
Repeat and move the red block progressively to the frame exit and out of the frame.

Spot The Difference (Smiley):

Smiley Spot the Difference Description
Find the differences between the two pictures as fast as possible. The faster you find the difference, the more you score.

Smiley Spot the Difference Instruction
In this game there will be two pictures of different smiley faces. There will be 10 slight differences between the two pictures, such as the position of the eye and the colour of the face. You need to find out all the differences as quickly as possible. If you are stuck, there is a hint button to help you out.

Tritris (Tri Tetris):

Tritris (Tri Tetris) Description
Tetris is a classic game that no one can get enough of, especially when you play up to three Tetris boards at once with Tritris. Rotate falling pieces to form lines of blocks that will then disappear. Pile all your pieces to the top without forming lines and you will lose your Tetris game, not only once but up to three times with Tritris.

Tritris (Tri Tetris) Instruction
Choose skill level and number of Tetris boards with your cursor.
Move and drop pieces to form solid horizontal lines of colored blocks.
Move pieces left, right, and down with the left, right, and down arrow keys.
Pressing z will rotate the piece counterclockwise and x will rotate it clockwise.
Use your spacebar to switch between games.
You lose each Tetris game when the pieces reach the top its board.

Maze Race:

A Maze Race Description
Trapped in a maze, you must get out before the computer player does if you want to win ProProfs Maze-Race game. Direct your green ball through the maze and get to the flag before the red ball does to earn points and advance to the next level. Watch out for dead ends, for if the red ball gets to the flag first, your game is over!

A Maze Race Instruction
Click on start with mouse and cursor to begin the game.
Direct your green ball to the flag using the arrow keys. Holding them down will make your ball travel farther in one move.
Find the shortest path and outrun the red ball. You win if you reach the flag first. Look out for walls that block your path!
The further distance the red ball is from the flag when you reach the flag, the more points you will get.
If the red ball gets to the flag first, your game is over!

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