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SudokuCup10 (Sudoku & Puzzle Competition)

SudokuCup10 (Sudoku & Puzzle Competition)
SudokuCup10 (Sudoku & Puzzle Competition)
SudokuCup 10 will held online from 20-22nd September, 2013. Unlike other Sudoku Cup Competitions which mainly concentrated on Sudoku this time Sudoku Cup will include 2 hour Puzzle Competition along with 2 hour Sudoku Competition. 

SudokuCup Puzzle Competition booklet has following puzzles
1) Stars
2) Numbers
3) Minesweeper 4x4
4) Frame battleship
5) Coral finder
6) Walls
7) Fences with letters
8) Capsules
9) Triplets

SudokuCup 10 Sudoku Competition booklet has following puzzles.
1) Classic Sudoku
2) Quadruple Sudoku
3) Killer Sudoku
4) Inner Frame Sudoku
5) Extra Space Sudoku
6) Palindrome Sudoku
7) Circle Sudoku
8) Number? Place?
9) Disjoint Groups Sudoku
10) 0-9 Arrow Sudoku
11) Shape Sudoku
12) Surprise Sudoku
13) Pair Product Sudoku
14) Antiknight Sudoku
15) S, as Not in Sudoku

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