Thursday, December 23, 2010

Online Slalom Puzzle Generator/Solver

Online Slalom Puzzle Generator/Solver
When it comes to puzzles, then Slalom is one of my favorite puzzle type. It is also known as Gokigen. For the beginners, this puzzle may look a tough variation, however this is one of the easiest puzzle type. There are many standard patterns which can be applied to a Slalom puzzle which helps to solve this puzzle very fast.
Here is Online Slalom Puzzle Generator, using which you can generator as many Slalom puzzles you want and solve these puzzles online. You can also print the puzzle if you want to solve it later on paper. You can also take a hint to solve the puzzle if you are stuck in the solving. There are many more features in this. This Slalom game is part of Online Logical Puzzles.

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