Mind Blowing Artworks

Some years back I visited a science museum in San Francisco. There I have seen this kind of art where standing at a particular location, you can see a picture made from the shadow of objects. Here I am putting a similar Mind Blowing artwork that will blow your mind. This artwork I am putting this as part of Fun Puzzles.
Here is a piece of art making face from the shadow of bottles. 

Mind Blowing Artwork of making Picture with Bottles
Mind Blowing Artwork of making Picture with Bottles

Here is another Mind Blow Artwork of making Shadow Painting by Sana Anil Kumar. He is an expert in making pictures with Shadow Art and Craving. He has even made paintings using coffee powder. More of his artwork can be found on his Facebook page.

Shadow Art by Sana Anil Kumar
Shadow Art by Sana Anil Kumar

The best artist I have found is nature. We can find masterpieces of artwork done by nature. The next photograph is the natural artwork.
Horse made by nature's Artwork
The horse made by nature's Artwork


Debbie Sargent said...

Cool optical illusions, thanks for having posted them for us to enjoy!

Rajesh Kumar said...

It is nice to know that you liked these optical illusion. Please share these with your friends and help us grow.