Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fillomino Online (Logical Thinking Puzzle Game)

Fillomino Online (Logical Thinking Puzzle Game)
To complete a Fillomino puzzle, a Solver must place numbers in the blank squares so that the puzzle is divided into zones with the area of each zone equal to the number contained within its squares. The zones may take on any shape, but zones having the same area may not touch each other. When you have determined what number should be contained within a square, you can move the cursor to that square using the arrow keys, or you can mouse click directly into the square. Any number typed on the keyboard will then be placed into that square. If you make a mistake, you can over-type it with a different number, or you can remove it entirely using the Space Bar. If you can't see a way forward, then clicking the Reveal One Digit button will place the correct digit into the current focus cell. If you think you may have made an error, the Reveal Errors button will show you where they are. You can begin again at any time by clicking the Start Again button, or you can see the entire solution by clicking the Reveal Solution button. A Fillomino puzzle has a unique solution, and no guessing is required. 

One can play puzzles for one full week. 
One new puzzle uploaded everyday. 
This requires Java to be installed in your browser. Please do make sure that latest version of Java is installed. 
Also please do wait for puzzle applet to load fully.


You must use a Java enabled browser to solve these puzzles.

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