Friday, April 18, 2014

Online Card Games

Online Card Games
In almost each country there is culture of playing cards. There are so many games one can make using 52 cards. Playing cards is not only a good time pass but many of the cards games make you think deep and thus helps to increase your attention, memory and logical thinking skills. Different cards games requires different number of people and there are some Card Games in which number of people playing game does not matter. With the advancement in computer technology, now one even does not require any partner to play these games. There are now many games which one can play with computer as well as one can play alone with random shuffled pack of cards.
On this website one can play many different card games. Rules of  different card games is presented in the each of the game. Click on the images below to start the corresponding Card Game.


  1. I have been on this site trying to find my way to downloading, (got there in the end) and finding, (as shown in original info I read), Mahjong Solitaire, please can you supply a link? I have no more time to search the site.

    1. One can search for any game on the website on the search box. Currently this website does not have Mahjong Solitaire. However one can play Mahjong game here on the below link


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