Jigsaw Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #94)

Jigsaw Sudoku is also known with the another name Irregular Sudoku. Both of the names are famous and used in different Sudoku championships. On this website I keep on using both these names alternatively. Anyway Jigsaw Sudoku is one of the Standard Sudoku Variation. For the new comers this Sudoku type will look tough. This Sudoku type becomes very easy once we once the basics to solve this Sudoku puzzle like in-out technique to solve Jigsaw Sudoku. In out technique is nothing but simple visualization with respect to one vertical or horizontal border. Draw a imaginary line on that border and now the cells coming out of this line will contain the same numbers as the cells going out of this line. I will explain this technique may be in a different post all together. Anyway in coming days I will be creating few Jigsaw Sudoku puzzle for kids and will be posting on this website soon.
Meanwhile this Jigsaw Sudoku puzzle I am posting in Mini Sudoku Series as 94th Sudoku in this series.
Rules of Jigsaw Sudoku
Place a digit from 1 to 6 in each empty cell so that each digit appears exactly once in each row, column and outlined region. Each outlined region is marked by thick borders.
Jigsaw Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #94)
Jigsaw Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #94)
Jigsaw Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #94) Solution

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