Saturday, February 27, 2016

Killer Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #92)

Killer Sudoku is one of the Classical Sudoku Variation. This website contained many puzzles of almost every Sudoku Variation. However puzzles of Killer Sudoku was missing from this website. The reason being that I found it very difficult to create the puzzle image for this Sudoku. Earlier I have tried creating the image but that images took a long time to create and quality of images was not up the mark. Now thanks to Deb for helping me to create the image for Killer Sudoku, I will be able to to post some Killer Sudoku puzzles here. There were few Killer Sudoku puzzles which were created on the paper long back. Now I will be able to publish these puzzles soon. I am starting publishing these puzzles with this 6x6 Killer Sudoku puzzle which I have created to teach kids about the rules/tricks of this Sudoku type. 
This Killer Sudoku puzzle I am posting in Mini Sudoku Series as 92nd Sudoku in this series.
Place a digit from 1 to 6 into each of the empty cells so that each digit appears exactly once in each row, column and outlined 2x3 box. The sum of digits in cells inside every cage must equal the total given for the cage at the upper left cell. Digits do not repeat inside a cage.
Killer Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #92)
Killer Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #92)
Killer Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #92) Solution

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