XV Sudoku (Mini Sudoku Series #82)

XV Sudoku is one of my favorite Sudoku types. There are many XV Sudoku puzzles that I prepared for kids students and all the students not only were able to understand the rules and tricks to solve this Sudoku type clearly but also loved XV Sudoku very much. They requested me to create some more mini Sudoku puzzles which I created recently and will be posting these puzzles soon.
This XV Sudoku puzzle I am posting in Mini Sudoku Series as 82nd Sudoku in this series. Can you solve this XV Sudoku puzzle?

Rules of XV Sudoku

Here is the solution for Sudoku Puzzle published with the title "Consecutive Sudoku Puzzle (Mini Sudoku Series #104)"
Solution of Consecutive Sudoku Puzzle (Mini Sudoku Series #104)
Consecutive Sudoku Puzzle (Mini Sudoku Series #104) Answer

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