Spot the Different Picture Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Odd One Out are very interesting Picture Puzzles type. These brain teasers are also known with the name Spot the Different. There are also another similar puzzle type call Spot the Differences in which one has to find the difference between two given pictures. However in Odd One Out Picture Puzzles one has to find the different picture image among the four given pictures.

How to Solve Spot the Different Picture Puzzles

In these Spot the different Picture Puzzles, there are four similar looking pictures in each brain teaser. You challenge is to find the picture image which is different from other three pictures in each of these picture puzzles.
Can You Find which one is different?
1. Can You Find which one is different?

Odd One Out Picture Puzzle
2. Which picture is different from others?

Spot the Different Brain Teaser
3. Can you find Odd One Out?

Spot the Different Picture Puzzle
4. Can you spot the different picture?

Spotting Odd One Out Picture Puzzle
5. Which picture image is different from the other three picture?

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