Fun Reading Brain Teasers with Answers

Can you read this?
This is the second part of a similar Reading Brain Teasers post with the title "Intelligent Reading Brain Teasers with answers to Twist your brain". It contains different reading challenges which will tickle your brain. Can you find the mistake in the given pictures? Can you read scrambled text? Can you read upside down? Can you read encrypted text? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then do try out these 'Fun Reading Brain Teasers' and check them out if you can read them?
Link to the similar Fun Reading Brain Teasers is given after each puzzle picture and answers to these brain teasers are given at the end.

The first reading challenge is to find the mistake in the given picture. Can you find the mistake in the picture puzzle below? or Will you be able to read the full text in the picture below correctly in one go? Let's try to read it as fast as possible without making any mistakes.
Picture Puzzles in which you have to read the given text correct in first attempt
6. Can you read this loudly without making any mistakes?

The next one is the anagram reading challenge. In this picture brain teaser, words of the sentence a scrambled by keeping the first and last letter of the word intact. Let's see if you can read this quote?
Mind Reading Challenge to read the scrambled text.
7. Can you read this scrambled text?

The next one has an upside reading. Can you read bottom-up inverted text? If yes, try reading the text in the below picture brain teaser. Do share it with your friends if you can read this easily?
Reading brain teaser to read upside down for twisting your brain
8. Can you read this upside-down text?

The next Reading Brain Teaser is to tickle your mind. In this Puzzle Image, the Text of the quote is crushed together to give your mind-reading challenge. Can you take this challenge and read this text?
Challenge to read the given text.
9. Can you read this?

Can you read this text?
10. Can you read it?

Fun Reading brain teasers test your visual skills as well as your learning abilities. If your learning power is good, then you can read these given brain teaser challenges very quickly and effortlessly. Do check out mentioned Picture Puzzles which will test your observational skills.

List of Picture Puzzles

The answer to Fun Reading Brain Teasers

6. In the first part, You is repeated. 
The second part reads "You that read wrong"

7. I cannot give you a formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: try to please everybody. 

8. Share it if you can read this without any problems because you are just that smart and have an intelligent brain.

9. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.


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