Thermo Sudoku Puzzle (Daily Sudoku League #213)

For the Thermometer Sudoku and Arrow Sudoku, one can create very interesting visuals. I love to create both of these Sudoku types. There are many different Arrow Sudoku and Thermo Sudoku puzzles that I have created in the last year. These Sudoku puzzles are currently being tested and soon I will be publishing these Sudoku puzzles on this website. Today I wanted to post the '% Sudoku' puzzle for Daily Sudoku League. This is a new Sudoku type and appeared as of now in a few of the Sudoku competitions. Coming weekend there is World Puzzle Federation's Sudoku Grand Prix Round 3 is coming and Thermo Sudoku is part of this Sudoku competition. So I thought to publish Thermo Sudoku instead of % Sudoku so that readers of this website can use this puzzle for the practice of this test. This Thermo Sudoku, I am publishing as part of Daily Sudoku League as the 213th Sudoku Puzzle in this Series.

Rules of Thermo Sudoku Puzzle

Standard Sudoku Rules apply.  Additionally, some thermometer shapes are in the grid; digits must be strictly increasing from the round bulb to the flat end.
Thermo Sudoku Puzzle (Daily Sudoku League #213)
Thermo Sudoku Puzzle (Daily Sudoku League #213)

The answer to this Thermo Sudoku puzzle can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please try your best to solve this Sudoku puzzle before looking at the answer.

This Thermo Sudoku puzzle I am publishing as the #213th Sudoku puzzle in The League of Extraordinary Ladies & Gentlemen. Here are the next and previous Sudoku puzzles published in this Sudoku series.


swaroop guggilam said...

Nice and Easy flow. Good one.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Swaroop for your quick feedback :)

kishy said...


Gaurav Kumar Jain said...

Very nice the structure

Rakesh said...

7.04 - very smooth solve