Palindrome-Extra Region Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #362)

This week, I am posting puzzle for practice of UK Sudoku Championship 2018. Till now I have posted Thermo Sudoku and Killer Sudoku for this Sudoku Competition practice. Today I am posting Hybrid Sudoku. This Hybrid Sudoku is combination of Palindrome Sudoku and Extra Region Sudoku. Both these Sudoku types are appearing in this Sudoku Championship. 
There are two Hybrid Sudoku puzzles, I prepared which contained Palindrome Sudoku, Extra Region Sudoku and Consecutive Pair Sudoku. For today's Sudoku puzzle, I could not get the theme which I wanted to created. However this Sudoku is having very good logical solving path. Tomorrow I will be posting another Hybrid Sudoku which has good visual theme. Anyway today's Palindrome-Extra Region Sudoku, I am posting in Fun With Sudoku Series as 362nd Sudoku Puzzle in this Series.

Rules of Palindrome-Extra Region Sudoku Puzzle

Standard Sudoku Rules apply. In addition Palindrome Sudoku and Extra Region Sudoku rules apply. 

Palindrome Sudoku Rules

The digits in the cells with the line form palindromes, i.e. they read the same from both the directions.

Extra Region Sudoku Rules

Classic Sudoku Rules apply. Additionally each group of nine colored cells must also contain the numbers 1 to 9.
Palindrome-Extra Region Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #362)
Palindrome-Extra Region Sudoku Puzzle (Fun With Sudoku #362)

Answer of this Palindrome-Extra Region Sudoku puzzle can be viewed by clicking on button. Please do give your best try to solve this Sudoku puzzle before looking at the answer.

This Palindrome-Extra Region Sudoku Puzzle I am publishing as #362nd Sudoku puzzle in Fun With Sudoku Series. Here are the next and previous Sudoku puzzles published in this Sudoku series.


kishy said...

16:34.A very hard one and I don't quite agree that this could be a practice sudoku for UK.The flavour in a hybrid is totally different compared to when these variants are solved individually.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Kishore for your feedback. I will switch to individual Sudoku and not Hybrid Sudoku whenever I am posting a practice Sudoku for a Sudoku Competition.

Pranav said...

Absolutely enjoyed
Hard but really nice solve path

Aashay Patil said...

19:37, narrow solving path

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Pranav,
Yes this was hard Sudoku and has a narrow solving path.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Thanks Aashay for your comments. This was tough Sudoku puzzle.