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Jigsaw Sum Sudoku (Guest Authors Sudoku #3)

This Puzzle was created by Ritesh Gupta and Hitesh Gupta for Indian Sudoku Mock Tests. This is the new variation they created for this Sudoku Mock Test 6.
I am re-posting this as 3rd Sudoku in Guest Authors Sudoku Contribution
Rules of Jigsaw Sum Sudoku
Fill in the grid from 1 through 9 so that every row, every column and every outlined region contains distinct digits. Each row is divided by zigzag vertical lines into 3 numbers. On the left side, outside the grid, there is the sum of 3 numbers in each line.
Jigsaw Sum Sudoku (Guest Authors Sudoku #3)
Jigsaw Sum Sudoku (Guest Authors Sudoku #3)

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