Math-doku (Guest Authors Puzzles Series #8)

This Sudoku is the last contribution by Ritesh Gupta and Hitesh Gupta for Guest Authors Puzzles Series which I am posting as the 8th Sudoku in this series. If any of you want to contribute any Puzzle or Sudoku for this blog, please do let me know by mailing me or posting a comment on any post of this blog. I will be happy to include your contribution to this series. Currently, I am closing this series with this puzzle until I receive the next contribution from a guest author. 

Rules of Math-doku

Classic Sudoku Rules apply.  Additionally, there are subsidiary numbers between two cells. These numbers are the results of binary operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) between the two cells.
Math-doku (Guest Authors Sudoku #8)
Math-Doku (Guest Authors Sudoku #8)

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