Reverse Kropki Sudoku (Guest Authors Sudoku #7)

This Puzzle was created by Ritesh Gupta and his brother Hitesh Gupta for Indian Sudoku Mock Tests
Last few days I have been re-posting puzzles created by Ritesh. Let me introduce Ritesh Gupta. He is 3 times Indian National Sudoku Champion. He finished a respectable 20 in  World Sudoku Championship in 2009. This is the first time I saw this puzzle type in Indian Sudoku Mock Test, so I assume that this type is created by Ritesh and Hitesh Gupta.
I am re-posting this Reverse Kropki as the 7th Sudoku in Guest Authors Puzzles Series. Can you solve this Reverse Kropki puzzle?

Rules of Reverse Kropki Sudoku 

Fill in the grid from 1 through 9 so that every row, every column, and every outlined region contains distinct digits. If two cells are separated by a white dot, then it means the digits appearing in the 2 cells are neither consecutive digits nor digit in a cell is half of the digit in the neighboring cell. The cells which do not contain a dot represent that the 2 neighboring cells must be having either of the two relationships.
Reverse Kropki Sudoku  (Guest Authors Sudoku #7)
Reverse Kropki Sudoku  (Guest Authors Sudoku #7)

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