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Friday, January 14, 2011

Logic Masters India: January 2011 Sudoku Test: Prime Exotica

This test focuses on prime numbers and a few exotic variants. The points for each grid are prime numbers (19, 23, etc) and so is the total number of points (499). The time for the test is 101 minutes, a prime number, and bonus points are also based on prime numbers. One Sudoku is based completely on prime numbers, and the others are all rare unusual variants.
Many variants may be new for the solvers. So, please spend some time to read the instructions well in advance and discuss your doubts in the forum.

 Instruction Book

Puzzle Booklet

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Rakesh Rai is into puzzles and sudoku since 2007. He is an average puzzle solver and loves solving tough puzzles. Prime Exotica is his first attempt at puzzle creation.

Sudoku Types

This test focuses on prime numbers and a few exotic variants.
  • DNA Sudoku
  • Kid Sudoku
  • Kombinance Sudoku
  • MultiTab Sudoku
  • Numerologidoku
  • Quad Sudoku
  • PeepHole Sudoku
  • Poker Sudoku
  • Prime Number Sudoku
  • Rhombus Sudoku
  • Rossini Sudoku
  • Product Sudoku
  • Tennisdoku


You may start "Prime Exotica" any time during the 48-hour period listed below.
Your timer will start when you click "Start Test" — then you will have exactly 101 minutes minutes to solve and submit your answers. A timer will be shown the answer page with the remaining time.
Submission is not allowed after the specified end time — you must start early enough to permit yourself enough solving time.

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