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Puzzle Conest #16: Intruder (Puzzle Fountain)

Puzzle Conest #16: Intruder (Puzzle Fountain)

Date: 30th April - 1st May 2011
Duration: 90 minutes (no additional time)
Warning: PDF has password protection; the password will be displayed when you start
the competition, clicking on the link. When you click on the link, time starts and cannot
be stopped!
Instructions Booklet
1-2. Skyscrapers 95+100
3-4. Battleships 40+65
5-6. Snake 35+80
7-8. Cross Math 30+70
9-10. Camping 65+70
11-12. Easy as ABC 50+90
13-14. Slither Link 45+85
15-16. Minesweeper 40+40
Total 1000 points
General instructions: In every puzzle there is exactly one intruder (i. e. a false hint; a letter for Easy as ABC and a number for the other puzzles). Find the intruder and solve
the puzzle.

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