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Circle Math Puzzles to find Missing number

Circle Math Riddles and Puzzles
Can you find the missing number in the circle. There are many math circle puzzles in which one has to find the missing number in the circle. In each on these types some numbers will be given around the circle which form some mathematical or logical relationship with each other and one has to find this relations to find the missing number in the circle.
Here are the circle puzzles in which there four circles and all these four circles are having four numbers associated with them. Three of these numbers are inside the circle and one of the number is outside the circle. All these four number share a logical and/or mathematical relationship with each other. Find this relationship and then find the missing number which is marked with "?" in one of the circle.

Easy math circle puzzle question
1. Easy math circle puzzle question

Quick math circle brain teaser
2. Quick math circle brain teaser

Quick mathematical circle puzzle question
3. Quick mathematical circle puzzle question

Tough math circle riddle
4. Tough math circle riddle

Tricky circle math brain teaser
5. Tricky circle math brain teaser

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