Mind Blowing Optical Illusion of Spinning Lady

Sometimes you come across something which will blow your mind. This is the one moving image which I come across which blew my mind when I first time saw this picture. If you show this puzzle image to many people at the same time, different people will see the different effect in this picture. Don't believe me? Get your friends together and ask each of them in which direction this lady is moving. Half of the people will say she is moving clockwise and half of the people will say it's moving anti-clockwise? 
How this is possible? The direction in which you see this lady moving is in your mind and you can control her movements with your mind? If you want to change the direction of her movement, keep looking at her feet and after some time you will find her reversing her direction!! Do share it with your friends with an amazing mind-blowing optical illusion.
Spinning Lady Optical Illusion
Spinning Lady Optical Illusion
Our brain consists of two parts called the left brain and right brain. The left brain leads to logical reasoning and the right brain is associated with arts and music etc. At any point in time, one part of our brain is active. This Optical Illusion tells you which part of your brain is active. If you see this Lady rotating in a clockwise direction then your right brain is active and if you see if rotating anti-clockwise then your left brain is active :)

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yoyu said...

The lady is clearly changing her rotation even though she maintains spinning on her left foot.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Her rotation happening in your mind. As the brain functioning changes from left brain to right brain or vice versa, her rotation changes.