Thursday, January 9, 2014

Memory Game: Tricky Cups

Memory Game: Tricky Cups
Beware of the tricky movements of the cups! In this game, your goal is to select the cups which contain coins after the positions of the cups are shifted. At the start of each level, the positions of the coins will be displayed for a few seconds. The golds will then be covered by paper cups, and the cups will start to move. Then you need to click the correct cups which contain coins in order to proceed. Remember to watch the movements of the cups carefully, as sometimes tricky shifts may occur, for example, only the positions of the cups are shifted but the coins are not moved. As you advance in the game, the number of coins will increase and the movements of the cups will become more complicated. Look through the disguises to reveal all of the golds!

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  1. αυτό παίρνει τόσο καιρό που με κάνει να τρελών και έτσι ΟΗΕ foucused


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