Mind-Boggling Letter Equation Riddle for Children

This mind-boggling letter equation riddle is created for school-going children. Can you decode the logic in the given letter equations to find the value of the missing number that replaces the question mark in the last equation?

If AE=F, EF=K, GH=O, CI=L Then BD=?. Can you solve this Mind Picture Puzzle?
Mind-Boggling Letter Equation Riddle for Children

The answer to this "Mind Puzzle Picture for Kids", can be viewed by clicking the button.


Meenu said...

answer is F

Rajesh Kumar said...

Great. You correctly solved this mind picture puzzle.

Unknown said...

answer please i think F is correct

Rajesh Kumar said...

You solved this puzzle correctly. Thanks for request the answer. The answer to this puzzle along with the explanation is available now in the post.