Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kakuro (Number Crossword Puzzle Game)

Kakuro (Number Crossword Puzzle Game)
Like Sudoku, Kakuro is another number puzzle which is very addictive. Similar to Sudoku one does not require any knowledge to solve Kakuro. Only Logic is required to solve Kakuro puzzles along with little knowledge of addition. Kakuro is also known as Number Crossword. Here clues will be given which indicate the sum of numbers either in horizontal or vertical directions. One has to fill the grid with number from 1-9 so that sum of these number is equal to number given as clue in front of the group. Numbers cannot be repeated in the group.  To learn more about Kakuro one can check Online Kakuro Puzzle Tutorial by Conceptis Puzzles.

Here one can solve unlimited randomly generated Kakuro puzzles online. More information about Kakuro game will be given before start of Kakuro game.

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