Addictive Kakuro Puzzles: Test Your Logic and Math Skills

Kakuro: The Number Crossword Game for Logic Enthusiasts

Explore Kakuro, the fun Number Crossword game. Sharpen your logic while filling the grid with numbers from 1-9. Solve randomly generated Kakuro puzzles to test your brain.

If you're a fan of addictive number puzzles like Sudoku, then you will love Kakuro. This puzzle type is often referred to as Number Crossword, Kakuro is a brain-teasing puzzle that doesn't require any specialized knowledge, just pure logic and a touch of math.


Unknown said...

nice puzzle, great. I'd like to copy your board (left click & copy then paste in Excell )?

Unknown said...

nice puzzle, I 'd like you let me copy the board (using click left) then I paste into a sheet,
this is possible? thanks

Rajesh Kumar said...

This is not possible as of now. You can take are screenshot of the puzzle area and then solve it offline.