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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tetravex Logical Game

Tetravex Logical Game
You know the names of your colors, but can you match them one to another? Tetravex is a puzzle game in which each side of a puzzle piece must match the color of the side of the piece adjoining it. Pair all four sides of every piece correctly and you will get a Tetravex — and bragging rights!
Tetravex Instructions
  1. Click, hold, and drag a piece with mouse to place it within the frame.
  2. Join piece to piece by matching sides and colors; for example, if a piece has a red, green, blue, and brown side, the green side of the piece must touch the green side of another, and so on.
  3. Move pieces around frame until all of the pieces match the colors of all the adjoining pieces on all of their sides.

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