Word Puzzle with Answer

This is a very interesting word puzzle. People who love to solve crosswords will love this word puzzle. In this What am I puzzle, you have to find a 10 letter country's name. Hints about each letter are given in this puzzle image. Read these hints carefully and try to first find the smaller words which can be made by using the given hints. Once you are able to crack the smaller word, then name of the big 10 letter country name. Let's see if you can crack this puzzle?
What am I? Guess this name of a Country 8 9 10 means also 7 8 4 5 means to not do anything 6 and 1 refer to one of the articles 4 5 6 7 means enthusiasm 3 8 9 10 magicians use 7 6 3 refers to rules
Can you solve this Word Puzzle?
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