Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tricky and cool brain teasers of finding mistakes in given pictures

Sometime our education and knowledge make us to focus and look out for a specific things. If given a problem, we try to focus on a certain area and ignore the other. Here are very interesting fun brain teasers with answers that will show out our problem of thinking specific. In all these easy brain teasers one has to find the mistakes in the given images. Some times our eyes can not process and see very obvious.  Lets see how fast you can solve this easy brain teaser? These Cool Brain Teasers are part of Fun Brain Teasers and Riddles.
To avoid any spoilers, I have given the answers of these tricky and cool brain teasers on the different pages and link to these answers page is added after each of the brain teaser. Do scroll the answer post till end to find the answer to these riddles.
Tricky brain riddle of finding mistake in given picture
1. Tricky brain riddle of finding mistake in given picture?

Many of the times our eyes does the trick and we cannot see the obvious or may be our brain is trained not to see the details. In the next cool brain teaser your eyes will trick your brain. Lets see if you can find the differences between these two pictures other than inversion. 
Thatcher Effect-Find the differences between two Pictures other than inversion
2. Find the differences between two Pictures other than inversion

Next one is again tricky brain teaser of finding mistake in the picture which may twist your mind and will keep you thinking for sometime. Lets see how quickly you can solve this one?
Can you find the the mistake in this Image?
3. Can you find the the mistake in this Image?

Next one is very easy brain teaser. Try to find what is wrong with this picture?
Brain Teaser to find something wrong in the picture
4. What is wrong with this picture?
Click here to find about mistake in this picture


Here is answer to 12th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Fun Brain Teasers For Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers to Challenge your Mind".
I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
12. The letter "e", which is the most common letter in the English language, does not appear once in the long paragraph.

Click here to check the hidden answer of 3rd Brain Teaser of Fun Puzzles to Test Your Observation Skills 

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  1. Its mistake not mitsake..
    the spelling of mistake is wrng in this picture..

  2. The word mitsake is obviously a clear mistake after all.. the word spelled incorrectly..

  3. The eyes are right way up in the 2nd pic

  4. Pic 4, no. 5&6 are connected.

  5. Replies
    1. Picture 4 has tiger hidden :)

    2. In pic 4 number 2 is not a zebra but a tiger

    3. So... the lion is just painted stripes, the real mistake is the missing legs in 7's reflection!!!!