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Eye Yoga Mind Twisters Reading Challenge Brain Teasers

Mind Twisting Reading Challenge Brain Teasers
Our mind is very powerful. It can interpret the information even if information are encrypted or not clear. For example, our mind can read the text even if the text is scrambled fully. The human brain can read misspelled words. It can read even if the text is written backward. It can also read if the text is inverted i.e. It can read upside down. We have all different types of reading challenges on this website. Today challenge is new reading challenge in some letters of the given text are replaced with numbers. You will be surprise that you brain is so powerful and it will be able to read this text without any problem.
Here are five mind twisting reading challenges presented as picture riddle. Each picture riddle is a quote from famous people in which some letters of the word are replaced with numbers. Your challenge is to read this text in first attempt.
Do write your comments about what you could read in these quotes.

Can you read this quote?
1. Can you read this quote?

Fun reading brain teaser
2. Fun reading brain teaser

Fun reading riddle
3. Fun reading riddle

Reading brain teaser
4.Reading brain teaser

Reading challenge puzzle
5. Reading challenge puzzle

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