Friday, July 1, 2016

Eye Yoga Mind Twisters Brain Teaser Pictures

Here are some more Eye and Brain Buster Pictures which will give twist to your mind. These pictures can be used to enhance concentration of your mind. These pictures provides a good Yoga training to your eyes as well as brain.

First Eye Yoga Brain Buster Picture is of Ball Dropping. If you look at this picture, it will look like that ball is being dropped from left upper corner and it falls down to lower right corner, moving from left to right in between each layer. However in this picture there are different layers and each layer is repeating its pattern. Moreover both vertical and horizontal fall of the ball happens simultaneously giving a very beautiful pattern. Try catching the full picture in one shot with your eyes, you will definitely feels like your eyes are doing Yoga.
Moreover this Mind Twisting picture is also acting as a stereogram picture. If you know how to see a stereogram picture, you can see the picture in 3D with more than one ball dropping simultaneously.

Eye Yoga Brain Buster Picture of Ball drop
Eye Yoga Brain Buster Picture of Ball drop

Next Mind Twister is really interesting. It looks like a flash light. with black and white pattern.

Mind Twister Picture
Mind Twister Picture

Next one is waves motion. Do have a look.

Mind Twister Waves Motion
Mind Twister Waves Motion

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