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Rebus Puzzles for Adults with Answers

Rebus Puzzles for Adults with Answers
Few day back we have started Rebus Puzzles. These Rebus Riddle are addition to English Word Brain Teasers. Here is the next set of Rebus puzzles. This set of Rebus Brain Teasers is difficult than previous published similar puzzles. Earlier published rebus puzzles which were titled "Easy Rebus Puzzles for Kids with Answers" were for kids and were very easy. Today's rebus puzzles are going to give your brain a challenge to solve.
How to Solve Rebus Puzzles
In these rebus puzzles some picture representation is given which says some phrase or it is the graphic representation of a English word. Your challenge is to decipher this word or English phrase.
Answers of these Rebus Puzzles are given at the end.

Rebus Brain Teaser Question
1. Rebus Brain Teaser Question

Rebus Puzzle Question
2. Rebus Puzzle Question

3. Rebus

Tough Rebus Riddle
4. Tough Rebus Riddle

Tricky Rebus Picture Puzzle
5. Tricky Rebus Picture Puzzle

1. Tricky Riddles using the English language with answers: This contains some tricky English word riddles in which hints are given in the form of "Who Am I?" and one has to guess the given English word.

2. Missing Vowels Game-Can You Guess the Colors?: These are the fill in blanks word puzzles in which vowels has been removed from the Color names. Your challenge is guess the Color names by fill in vowels in the blanks.

3. The Bran Wiring Test: This contains mostly Logical and Mathematical Puzzles. However there is also one Odd One Out puzzle letter puzzle which will give twist to your mind.

Answers of these Rebus Puzzles are given as below
1) Ready for Anything

2) Back-rub

3) Side Show

4) Scattered Brain

5) Red Herring

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