Maths Picture Puzzles #brainteasers for Teenagers

In these maths picture puzzles brainteasers your challenge is to move just one matchstick and then make the given number equation correct.
It contains maths picture puzzles #brainteasers for school going students. In these maths picture puzzles, you will see a puzzle image. This puzzle image will contain a mathematical number equation created using the matchsticks. This given number equation may or may not be correct. Your challenge in these maths picture puzzles is to move exactly one matchstick. Place the moved matchstick to another place to make the given equation correct. There may be different solutions possible for each of the given maths picture puzzle. You will see one of the possible answers in this puzzle video after each puzzle question. Post your answer in the comments if your answer is different from our answer for the matchstick math picture puzzles. 

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