English Idioms-Fill in Puzzles for Kids with Answers

This puzzle type is the first one of its kind which we have created for this website. Here 5 puzzle pictures are given and in each of the pictures, there is one English idiom given which is not complete. You have to fill in blanks to complete this English Idiom. 
To start with this type we will be posting easy puzzles which are for kids. If we got a good response from our visitors for this type of puzzle, we will create more puzzles of this type soon. 
Answers link to these Fill in Puzzles is given at the end of this post. Do try to answers these puzzles without looking at the answers. However, do look at the answers to check if your answers are correct or not :)
English Idioms Fill In Puzzle-1
1. Can you fill in the blanks to get English Idiom?

English Idioms Fill In Puzzle-2
2. Fill in Blanks and get English Idiom.

English Idioms Fill In Puzzle-3
3. Can you fill in Blanks to get the English Idiom?

English Idioms Fill In Puzzle-4
4. Will you fill in blanks to get English Idiom?

English Idioms Fill In Puzzle-5
5. Can you fill in blanks to get an English Phrase?


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It is always nice to know when someone likes our puzzles. Please help us to grow by sharing it with your friends.

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What's the answer? (see ________ to______.