Thursday, March 20, 2014

Freecell Solitaire Card Game

Freecell Solitaire Card Game
Let's recall the endless fun of the classic card game! The aim of Freecell Solitaire is to move all cards to 4 foundations by suit from A to K. When the game opens, 52 standard playing cards will be distributed to 8 tableau piles. Instructions to play this game is given immediately after your start this game. This Freecell Solitaire game is part of Online Card Games.
To solve Freecell Solitaire game you require your little bit of your Maths skill, little bit of luck and more of Logical reasoning. Do checkout below mentioned puzzles which will test your Maths skills, Logical Reasoning and Knowledge of English language.

List of Fun Brain Teasers and Puzzles


  1. Is there a way to play solitaire without downloading programs I DO NOT want?

    1. Try changing your browser and do let us know if it solves your problem.


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